KST Moschkau GmbH is an owner-managed family business founded by Udo Moschkau in 1985 – since 1992 it is located in Kreuzau / Stockheim, directly near Düren. This location in the western Rhineland borders on the Eifel National Park as well as the Euregio, the border region Germany / Netherlands / Belgium. Due to this location, in the heart of Europe, KST is very flexible and easy to reach. This is not least due to the proximity to the airports Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Maastricht, Eindhoven, as well as the connection to the east/west (BAB 4) and north/south (BAB 1) motorway axes through Germany.

As a project system house with a very high degree of own added value, KST deals with complex system solutions in the main business areas of Broadcast & ProAV, media technology and AV security systems. In the past years the training and education area KSTacademy and the KST Innovation Center, the research, development and demonstration area of KST GmbH, have been added step by step.

In the meantime, the system construction division manufactures its own extensive product portfolio of components, articles and systems under the KST brand using state-of-the-art production techniques. These KST products supplement the share contributed by our long-standing partners for use in our own projects, but are also available to our sales partners.

Our business areas

Our project work

Our approach to project work is characterised above all by the fact that customers work with the same project engineer from the beginning to the end of a project. The project engineer is already active in the concept and presales phase, and this continues right through to the commissioning and maintenance of the systems. There is a lively internal exchange and also intensive communication with the manufacturer, but the threads always come together on our side with the same person who remains the customer’s contact person during the entire project.

In this way we remain permanently approachable for the customer and are always up to date with the latest project status. So no time is lost through information management.

Reference projects

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The company group

Around the KST Moschkau GmbH a whole group of companies has gradually developed over the past ten years.

This development was triggered by the KSTacademy, which required its own hotel to accommodate the training participants. Thus, one year after the training area, the Hotel Burgholzwas built, whose modern rooms and apartments are available not only to KST guests, but of course also to all other, mainly commercial visitors to the region.

The increased energy demand by the KST GmbH itself, but now also by the Hotel Burgholz, made a fundamental rethinking regarding the energy production reasonable. GEABwas founded in order to be able to act as effectively, but above all sustainably, as possible. GEAB, an abbreviation for Green Energy Am Burgholz, which is based on the company address, has been operating its own local area network for thermal and electrical, regeneratively generated energy since 2012.

On an annual average, GEAB is in a position to cover the Group’s requirements almost exclusively with environmentally friendly energy produced in-house. In the meantime, GEAB’s energy concept is also becoming popular, so that we have already implemented many similar systems for customers and more are in planning.

Due to the sustained growth of KST GmbH, two further companies, Moschkau Verwaltungs KG and Moschkau Immobilien GbR, were founded to manage the buildings and locations, so that the Moschkau Group currently consists of five sub-companies.

The energy concept of the Moschkau Group

Since 2010, the Group has been working intensively on meeting its own energy requirements in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible. The sub-company GEAB is responsible for the group.

The group’s energy requirements increase almost proportionally with the growth of the companies, in fact slightly more than that. In order to be as independent as possible from the supplying energy industry, GEAB is intensively involved in regenerative energy production.

Therefore, modern photovoltaic systems were installed on every suitable roof of the buildings. The energy generated is brought together in a star shape and concentrated in GEAB’s power plant building. From there it is then distributed to the various customers in a targeted and demand-oriented manner.

In order to feed as little excess energy as possible into the public grid, various storage technologies have been integrated to make solar energy available even at night.

The photovoltaic technology is supplemented by CHP (combined heat and power unit) systems, which generate essentially thermal energy in addition to electrical energy. The waste heat from the central server, equipment and machine rooms for the buildings is also extracted and used for temperature control.

In order to meet future requirements, the doubling of generation capacity is currently planned. The gradual conversion of the vehicle fleet to electromobility in particular makes these further measures necessary. The Group now has twelve vehicle charging stations at its Kreuzau location, two of which are open to the public.

Our values

Direct and tolerant

Direct, tolerant and transparent dealings with employees and customers help to avoid misunderstandings and promote prudent cooperation.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Each of our decisions must reflect our entrepreneurial spirit and be expressed in our actions. Because our success is characterized by a thirst for action.

Mutual assistance

We are a family-owned company and maintain partnership relations with employees and customers, which is expressed by mutual support.

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