KST Moschkau intensifies commitment to CamBot

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Studio automation to try out

Studio automation to try out The mebucom magazine reports about the Innovation Center of KST Moschkau GmbH. KST Moschkau GmbH has strongly expanded its company headquarters in Kreuzau/Stockheim. Together with industry partners such as Panasonic and Avid, it offers training courses and technology demos in the KSTacademy. In the Broadcast Innovation Center, which opens in


Dealing with Corona Pandemic

Dealing with Corona Pandemic Dear ladies and gentlemen, In response to the increasing risk situation in Europe, the KST team will from now on only carry out service assignments that are absolutely necessary. Correction of minor malfunctions or failures that only mean restrictions in comfort will be postponed until further notice. Deployment decisions for tough


Cine Test Production “Journey through Namibia”

Cine Test Production “Journey through Namibia” As an excerpt from a series of cine-test productions with the theme “Impressions from Namibia” an insight into the result. Hopefully it can take one or the other out of isolation in the home office for a quarter of an hour and arouse wanderlust for better times. Even if