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With the Innovation Center, KST Moschkau GmbH has created a globally operating demo, research and development center for the modern high-end broadcast workflow. In the Innovation Center, the entire product chain from acquisition to sending or archiving the finished production image can be mapped, used and further developed. Due to the wide range of partners and manufacturers, the technology and workflow of tomorrow can already be experienced here. Topics like automation, virtuality but also robotics are in the foreground.


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Areas of responsibility


For customers and interested parties an interesting general overview of the modern workflow is offered. The fully integrated overall picture, but also a detailed insight into the individual sections of the workflow, such as graphics, automation or robotics, can be provided. Interested parties can experience the entire workflow themselves and try out and test each individual technology in detail and hands-on. It is important that there is no time pressure during this process. It is possible to run a complete test production to convince even the last decision maker of the final product.


The full potential of the integrated environment is used by both manufacturers and KST itself to test and integrate individual products in this environment. This results in new ways, interfaces and sometimes even completely new products. Even large manufacturers usually do not have the opportunity to test their product in an extensive demo studio for as long as they wish, so the Innovation Center offers a unique advantage here.

The clear comparability of the individual manufacturers’ products in the overall workflow is a welcome challenge and an incentive to improve the product even further.


As the name suggests, innovations are created in the Innovation Center. The huge playground enables the search for new ways and workflows. Many creative ideas only come about through using and working with the technology and in the Innovation Center. Together with KST, these new ideas can be directly developed and integrated into the workflow.

Core technologies



In the Innovation Center, state-of-the-art camera technology with innovative application possibilities is tested. Besides a wide range of studio and PTZ cameras, the new Varicam for live workflow has been implemented.

The high-quality cine cameras from Panasonic are equipped with the appropriate transmission technology and firmware to be used in the live studio environment. This brings the coveted “Netflix” look to the studio.


Robotics & Automation

Never before has the market focused so strongly on the topic of high-grade automation. The KST Innovation Center leads the way here with the most modern, collaborative systems, such as robot arms or rails, dollies and lifting systems. KST’s own product CamBot.system is in the foreground both in the field of robotics and in the automation of the entire studio. Another important point is the use of precise tracking technologies, both for camera and presenter.


The TV production market today has to provide ever higher quality with increasing flexibility and smaller budgets. Virtuality is a great help here. AR applications and VR, or Virtual Studio, as well as hybrid solutions play an important role. For a high-performance, three-dimensional and photorealistic representation, the use of the Unreal Engine is in the foreground of this workflow. In this component all the gears, such as automation, robotics and precise tracking capabilities converge to provide a modern and easy to use workflow.

More about this on our area page Virtuality.

KST IC_1.10.1

Large-screen projection & portal production

With high-performance systems, such as the new 50,000 ansi-lumen laser projector from Panasonic, large areas can be irradiated in a wide variety of light situations. With a canvas system, any number of projection images can also be combined into one large-screen projection. The canvas can then be used freely, with different layouts and content, in any format. An exciting special application here is the so-called portal production. The projection image is covered with virtual graphics matching the perspective of the connected camera. The projection thus becomes a portal into the virtual world.



KAIROS is the new IT/IP based video processing platform from Panasonic. This server-based system can be used as a powerful IP-based I/O solution, as well as an image mixer, graphics and/or canvas system. It is possible to work independent of resolution and format with only 1-frame total latency. Due to the innovative and free software architecture, the image mixer application is also no longer bound to classical limits such as available MEs and KEYs. The overall performance only depends on the fully scalable server system in the background. With KAIROS it is therefore possible to realise everything from event to complex studio applications with an all-in-one solution and a simple IP connection in terms of infrastructure.

As official Kairos Alliance Partner the KST Innovation Center is directly involved in the development of the system and also KST products like the KST-CamBot.system are natively integrated in Kairos.


PAM, MAM and Archiv

With the media management platform MediaCentral and its extensive modules such as Interplay PAM, MAM, Archive, the Grafic-Solutions Maestro, the editorial system I-news and of course the complete post-production product range with the MediaComposer series and ProTools, the modern data workflow is built in the Innovation Center. Closely interlocking mechanisms ensure maximum transparency and data security.

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