KST-Innovation-Center “Introduction and Vision”

KST-Innovation-Center “Introduction and Vision”

KST-Innovation-Center “Introduction and Vision”


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Welcome to the KST Innovation Center, the research development and demonstration area of KST Moschkau GmbH in NRW, in the heart of Europe.
The initial one for the KST Innovation Center was created in 2016.
At that time the request for the realization of a VR studio was brought to us by a long-standing major customer. So that this customer could get a realistic picture of the workflow in a virtual studio, we decided to build one.

In one of the training rooms of the KST Academy, a temporary but fully functional VR/AR studio was created within about 3 months. As expected, the demonstration with the customer was successful, but at the same time made it clear to us that it is not possible to realize such a high effort for every customer request in all the different technical constellations.
So a permanent demo facility had to be considered.

In order to maintain the spatial and infrastructural proximity to the main building of the KST, the new building could only be constructed above the existing production and storage areas for reasons of space. However, these did not have the structural strength to support a building wing of this size and requirement. A cantilevered steel-concrete bridge of 20×20 metres with a height of over 6 metres had to be spanned over these areas, on which the new demo centre was to be built.

In addition, KST has been paying very close attention to sustainability and environmental compatibility for years. This should also be reflected in the planning of the new area. The balancing act between static feasibility and ecological construction had to be mastered.

For this reason, a 400m² large and 5m high hall in a state-of-the-art wooden construction was placed on the extremely rigid and low-vibration steel-concrete platform. In addition to the selection of sustainable building materials, the energy problem of such a studio complex had to be considered as well as possible.

It was therefore a matter of course for us to integrate the new building into the ecological energy concept of the group of companies, whose energy requirements are almost completely covered by self-generated, regenerative electrical and thermal energy. In addition, we developed energy recovery solutions for technical areas such as server and machine rooms. The heat gained in this way is, for example, completely sufficient to temper the entire area.

First and foremost, however, the new demo center should offer the opportunity to provide as complete an overview as possible of the modern TV production workflow. After the KST-IC was put into operation at the beginning of 2019, there are four main functional areas. The control room, although the term control room is more appropriate for the times… and the studios A-C. All, in the sense of transparency, separated by room-high glass walls.

In the control room, which is basically the remote operating level of the server and machine room, the production process of tomorrow is operated as completely as possible at 6 multifunctional workstations. The main focus is on the generic term “high-level automation”.
This is a topic in which we are also investing very intensively ourselves. The product KST-CamBot.system plays an important role in the modern production process and is therefore one of the heart of the Innovation Center.

Studio A is a modern, modified version of the well-known Tagesthemen studio. In addition to the current studio and cine-live-camera product range, the different varieties of the Camera-Robotics theme area are integrated there. From the high quality PTZ camera to rails and lift systems, CamBot.system is also a central component here. The module CamBot.robot, here in particular the KST-UR10, in combination with the high-end 4K double projection, allows the use of a new variety of virtuality…the VR-AR portal production.

Studio B is about direct virtuality in the sense of a VR studio. A complete virtual set is set up there with an 8×8 meter green area, the KST-VR light concept, robotic camera systems and the BlackTrax Real-Time Tracking Talent Tracking, which is also very important for automation. Amazing synergy effects, across technologies and manufacturers, provide a completely new perspective on the production process of the near future.

This will also be evident in the yet to be established Studio C, where reality and virtuality are brought together in a hybrid VR/AR studio.

In order to sound out the limits of what is feasible from the outset during development and demonstration, the entire KST Innovation Centre is designed in UHD quality. This is how we ensure that we use the systems to their capacity limits. The real use in production will therefore not be more demanding than our test scenarios.

Get a picture for yourself…visit us in the KST Innovation Center…test the supposed technology of tomorrow already today…

You are most welcome.