KST Moschkau intensifies commitment to CamBot

KST Moschkau intensifies commitment to CamBot

Im Rahmen des Ausbaus des Produkt-Bereiches Studio-Produktions-Automatisation steigert KST deutlich die Intensität in Punkto Entwicklung und schließt eine strategische Allianz, der CamBot Stützpunkt in München nimmt seine Tätigkeit auf.

Die zur IBC 2018 in den Markt eingeführte, modulare Studio-Automatisation KST-CamBot, die bisher im Wesentlichen mit den 4 Grundmodulen (CamBot.control, CamBot.remote, CamBot.robot, CamBot.switch) bei diversen Projekten (besonders für den robotischen Kamera-Workflow) Anwendung fand, wird nun auf eine deutlich breitere Basis gestellt. Die Entwicklungs-Roadmap bildet inzwischen, durchaus auch auf die jeweilige Projektanforderung reagierend, 16-18 Module ab.

In order to be able to meet this development task and the increase in service and maintenance associated with the growing number of systems on the market, the product area will be divided into the following basic sections from Q2/2021, which will be expanded at a later date:

  • CamBot.system
    Dauerhaft installierte Automatisations-Systeme im TV-Produktionsbereich, sowohl im Corporate-, als auch Broadcast- Markt.CamBot.serviceSupport und Service für Systeminstallation, Wartung und Störungsbeseitigung.
  • CamBot.training
    Ausbildung und Training für Produktions-Operator sowie technische Operator
  • CamBot.development
    Neben der grundsätzlichen Weiterentwicklung der Produktreihe wird sich das Entwicklungsteam mit der Realisierung von Sonderlösungen für die jeweils anstehenden Projekte befassen.

In order to ideally fill these different areas of responsibility with life, the companies KST Moschkau GmbH and Robotics Technology Leaders GmbH have formed a very close, strategic alliance. As one of the first measures of this partnership, the “CamBot Development & Service Center Munich” started its activities on 01.04.2021.

At the same time as the introduction of this new structure, the original versions and offshoots of the system (e.g. Cosrobe, Atelier, etc.), which have been represented on the market for several years by RTLeaders and its distribution partners, will be discontinued and no longer developed independently.

All users and sales partners of these systems will be provided with an attractive and fully compatible crossgrade path to CamBot.system. With this measure, the CamBot.team wants to focus completely on the expansion of the automation product line.

The various CamBot software modules are developed in the west of Munich, the current headquarters of RTLeaders. The CamBot-team.MUC, which is now active there, is also available for support and service, especially for the national area. Experienced developers and supporters are at the user’s side with help and advice.

At the KST headquarters in Kreuzau, near Cologne, the CamBot team.CGN will be responsible for workflow and hardware development as well as system construction. Kreuzau is also home to marketing and sales, project planning and the KST Academy, where CamBot courses and training for technical staff and operators take place, in addition to various other training topics.

TheKST Innovation Centre, the development and demonstration area of KST, will also increasingly fulfil its role as a central research platform. Here, systems and workflows are tested, optimised and demonstrated in a real studio environment that largely maps the complete broadcast production process.

The goal of the new strategic orientation is the rapid further development of the system, especially with regard to the new market focal points of remote production, virtuality of all kinds and increasing production efficiency through intelligent automation.

Strategic alliances with core partners, such as Panasonic Broadcast & Pro AV Europe, Avid or Zero Density, allow the CamBot.team to exploit considerable cross-manufacturer synergy effects. Especially KST, as a company strongly focused on the realisation of turnkey system solutions, can thus save the customer a lot of own investigative work in the implementation of his project.We see here the beginning of an exciting era in terms of rethought film and TV production automation – and the emergence of an exciting brand: KST-CamBot.