KST-Rig-System for handheld cameras

To enable fresh impulses for the handling of the 3-5 kg camera class(AG-DVX200, AJ-PX270, AG-HPX250 etc.) KST GmbH has developed a new rig system, the KST Rig-1. Contrary to the quite rigid aluminium or cast iron systems available on the market, in developing the KST Rig-1 completely focused on the synergy of carbon, POMand PVC-U In addition to high flexibility with enormous stability we obtain a pleasantly low weight. Maximum flexibility and adjustabilitywere very important to us. The central system slide, on which the camera plate can be moved continuously horizontally over 20 cm, the shoulder support guides on the 2nd carriage level. So can’t only the focus of the camera can be shifted in front of, on or behind the shoulder, but also “on air” a 35cm camera movement on the shoulder.


  • Central dual slide system for camera and shoulder support
  • Quick Release camera plate, continuously adjustable vertically and horizontally
  • Asymmetrical support arms with torsion springs, 3-axis adjustable with quick-release fasteners on locking discs
  • Ergonomic industrial handles
  • Bracket for Magicarm and Rig-Viewfinder (optional)
  • Bracket with ZOE DVXL camera control
  • Bracket with LedPro camera light
  • Mounting with Bilora monopod
  • Bracket for 2x TYPE CGA-D54 battery (1x camera, 1x accessories)
  • Batteries and charger (option) Bayonet adapter for mattebox / camera lens
  • ARRI MMB-2 double Mattebox

Battery pack Rig extension

The KST Battery Pack System allows the camera connected to the rig to be supplied with batteries (type CGA-D54), which are inserted into the designated station on the back of the rig.

Standard flange on compendium

The compendium has a bayonet flange and is connected to any approved camera type with an adapter ring.

Currently approved for the following camera types (or mechanical and weight comparable systems of other brands):

  • AG-HVX200/201
  • AG-HPX250/255/171
  • AG-DVX200
  • AJ-PX270
  • or comparable systems of other makes

Our team

Felix Moschkau