KST Moschkau GmbH, Am Burgholz 36, 52372 Kreuzau GERMANY


Welcome to KST Moschkau GmbH!

KST Moschkau GmbH is a system integrator and manufacturer in the fields of media technology, system construction, broadcast & ProAV, automation and virtuality.

Founded in 1985 by Udo Moschkau, the medium-sized family business supports its customers at the Kreuzau site with the KSTacademy training and education centre, the KST-Innovation-Center demo, research and development studio and extensive production facilities for KST’s own product lines. 

Reliability and trust form the basis of customer, supplier and partner relationships. In order to provide customers with the best possible service, they have the same contact person in-house at all times. 


“Communication and studio technology” indicates the extensive field of activity of KST Moschkau GmbH. The focus is on the areas of Broadcast & ProAV, Media Technology and System Construction, here as an umbrella term for product manufacturing at KST.

Through its systems engineering and software development divisions, KST is able to complement projects with customized solutions that make economic sense, but also manufactures stand-alone products, such as the 2018-launched CamBot®.system.

With the KSTacademy, founded in 2010, an intensive training operation has been established in Kreuzau, on-site at the customer’s premises or online, which offers training for KST solutions and partner software.

Products & Software

KST has been developing special products for and with partners such as Panasonic Connect, RT Leaders, Zero Density or Avid for years. In addition to the most comprehensive product and the eponymous software CamBot®, this also includes system tables, control panels, camera holders for ceiling and wall mounting and much more.

Customer Stories

Here are some exemplary projects for you that reflect the synergies of system construction, automation and virtuality particularly well. Get to know the virtual studios of ifm, RWE and Panasonic Germany in Hamburg.

Where to find us


Get to know KST better! In this image brochure you will find project examples and information on all areas of activity.