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System construction

In order to be able to react optimally to the respective requirements of the projects to be realized, the system construction division was already created in the early 2000s. Some of the products are used far beyond KST’s own requirements and have found their way into the product portfolios of various sales partners. Thus, this area has grown from a small necessary side plant in the project business to a significant mainstay and unique selling proposition of KST.

Selected products are produced in large series as well as unique items and individual solutions for projects.
Due to the well-organized team, the flexible use of the machines and the short decision-making processes, KST is particularly proud of the fact that often only a few days pass from the first draft to the marketability and start of series production of a new product.
The workshop area is equipped with a large machine park of the latest technology. The two system builders and a design engineer work here on:
  • CNC machines
  • 3D printers with the common FDM, SLA and SLS processes
  • Laser cutting
  • Glass bead blasting machines
  • Film plotter
  • Flatbed printers
  • and the chamfering machine.
In addition to directly sold in-house products, partners such as Panasonic also offer products manufactured by KST in their regular price list. These include wallmounts and outdoor housings for PTZ cameras as well as complex systems such as the TV production automation KST-CamBot®.system.
The system construction division manages to combine the individual areas of KST in an ideally coordinated manner, without external components, in one project. In this way, KST manufactures as much as possible itself in the course of a project, from media walls to control room furniture, robotics components, assembly solutions and camera parts, and thus without compromise, cost-optimized and optimally tailored to customer requirements.

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Axel Moschkau
Project- & Supportmanager