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Media technology

The business area of media technology covers the equipment of meeting and / or video conference rooms up to the realization of complex media technology systems in large lecture and event rooms, conference centers and control rooms.

The media technology product range essentially includes the supply and turnkey installation of video, audio and control technology, but also conference and interpreting systems or visitor guidance and information systems. The required network technology equipment is also part of the scope of services.

In recent years, there has been a particular focus on equipping control centers and situation centers of fire departments and police forces, but also private customers.

KST Moschkau GmbH has the specific experience from more than 50 realized projects in the BOS environment (authorities and organizations with security tasks), from small to very large.

The special focus here, in close coordination with the respective clients and users, is on the creation of high-quality and durable systems with high availability and particularly intuitive operation.

The realization of special solutions, such as the installation of media technology equipment or the replacement of entire media walls during ongoing control center operation, is a matter of course for KST.

This quality is ensured by the use of sophisticated products suitable for 24/7 use and by comprehensive overall system know-how. Particular importance is attached here to the system specialists who have been part of the company for many years and have extensive experience in the installation of such systems.

The use of subcontractors is avoided as far as possible – all important and system-relevant services are provided by the company’s own personnel.

KST sees itself as a total systems provider, including consulting, planning, assembly, installation, programming and commissioning, taking into account the specific requirements of media technology control center equipment.

Broadcast & ProAV Project examples

Fire department Hannover

As part of the new construction of Fire Station 1 and the reconstruction of Fire Station 2 of the fire department of the state capital Hannover, new, modern media technology equipment was installed at both locations, both in the control center areas and in various other rooms. The entire system was largely network-based in the area of video, audio and media control technology.

The heart of the plant, in which both locations were geographically separated but technically networked and thus transparently set up, is the network-based visualization system.

This system, as well as other technical sub-systems, was built redundantly in the central components. The display of image signals as a single image but also in a wide variety of multi-image displays is the most important part of the system. Digital image signals are converted into network-based IP signals, transmitted via a network and converted back into digital image signals at any point. These are then presented by displays, projectors or large media walls consisting of several displays. The integration of software-tapped signals and digital camera signals from the video surveillance area was also realized. The playback of television signals also takes place via the network using IP-TV server systems and is integrated into the overall system.

The complete control and operation of all sub-systems is carried out by means of a network-based media control system with various operating options. Various media walls, video conferencing systems of different capacities, a conference system, interactive whiteboard systems, a fire station-wide visitor information system as well as an extensive video surveillance system were part of the scope of delivery.

The individual systems were interconnected by a complex network provided by the fire department. Thanks to the closely coordinated and trusting cooperation between planners, users and system installers, a modern media technology system has been created in the state capital of Hanover that meets the requirements of a future-oriented control center.


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