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KAIROS is an IT/IP platform for live video productions developed by Panasonic Connect. It consists of a server system, the software interface as well as a hardware panel for control during production. It includes proprietary, breakthrough software to maximize CPU and GPU capacity for video processing.

KAIROS is the solution to today’s live video production needs, adapting new technologies to create a better sense of reality and new technologies to improve video production productivity.

KAIROS offers a variety of video inputs and outputs that support not only baseband signals, but also IP signals such as SDI, SMPTE ST2110, NDI® in any combination, and also Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronization to realize live video production and streaming remotely.

KAIROS enables resolution and format independent operation. Mixed input sources with different resolutions, such as HD and UHD, can be processed simultaneously. For example, videos can be produced not only in the standard 16:9 format, but also in the wall-suitable 32:9 format. The software ensures this by taking full advantage of the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU, balancing the entire processing load without the configuration limitations of traditional hardware-based systems.

This open architecture platform facilitates the linking of various external sources and targets, as well as the integration of hardware and software systems.

KAIROS uses the graphics processor for video processing, allowing flexible video production with multiple layers and an unlimited number of MEs or keys and the   canvas screen, regardless of resolution or format.

Since KAIROS is an IT-based platform with an open architecture, functional extensions and the linking of controls with external devices through additional software are possible. With its system integration capability, KAIROS improves work efficiency and ensures future expandability.

Thanks to its highly intuitive, extremely clear and fully customizable graphical user interface, this platform sets new standards in usability. It allows customers to manage an unlimited number of video layers in one canvas system. Not only does the platform support virtually any type of signal on a single server. It is also characterized by its exceptionally low 1-frame latency, making it an extremely powerful tool for all uses and applications.

KAIROS offers flexibility at all levels of production that cannot be matched by any other hardware-based system, setting new standards for live video production.



Individual training

Kairos Basic Training

Two-day training with subsequent official certificate System overview, system setup (input and output configuration), Multiviewer, Panel Basic operation, creation of transitions, still image storage, clip, RAM, audio player, creation of scenes, FX inputs and Painter, Panel Advanced (Smart Deligation, PTZ control, Profiles), macro operation Automation in connection with CamBot and Reality

Number of participants: 2 – 3 persons

2.400,- € plus VAT.


Guido Murk
Project- und Supportmanager