KST Moschkau GmbH, Am Burgholz 36, 52372 Kreuzau GERMANY


KST-Company brochure

In the KST company brochure you will find helpful information about the company, its areas of activity and related project examples. (only in German)

CamBot® Ecosystem

CamBot is a comprehensive software and hardware solution that can automate entire studios and their processes.

Overview flyer KST Moschkau & CamBot®

Here you will find a short two-page flyer with a summary of the company and the CamBot® automation solution.

Data sheet VR light set

In this data sheet you will find all the technical details about the KST-VR light set, optimised for illuminating green areas.

Overview flyer KST-Outdoor Housing for PTZ cameras

Here you will find information on our various outdoor housings for PTZ cameras and their compatibility with the corresponding camera types.


The PTZmove.tower is a free-standing column with a vertical rail on which a PTZ camera can be moved.