Kairos Incredible Productivity becomes reality

Kairos Incredible Productivity becomes reality

Kairos Incredible Productivity becomes reality

The new Pansonic KairosSystem is now in active use at the KST Innovation Center

Incredible Productivity is the guiding principle of the new completely server and IP based Kairos production system from Panasonic. After KST has already been involved in the development for years (in the meantime it has also become a Kairos Alliance Partner), the first fully production-ready system has now been integrated into the KST Innovation Centre and also used immediately for a first production.

Kairos is a server- and software-based video processing platform. Due to the scalable server structure in the background and the numerous signal processing options, the application purposes are extremely versatile and go far beyond those of a normal image mixer.

The system, which is based on the new ST2110, uses 25-100 Gbit IP infrastructures and can therefore process ST 2110-capable devices directly and signal-bound devices via sophisticated I/O converters, even in UHD in high-end quality and with minimal latency (1 frame!). Various interface modules allow the simple integration of signal inputs/outputs, e.g. via all SDI standards or HDMI, into the IP world. Kairos is resolution and format-independent, so it is not limited to one or two formats in simultaneous use, as is the case with conventional systems, and with the canvas function it can also easily handle complex projection surfaces (including edge blending).

Kairos, as the central module in the workflow, can of course also be used as an image mixer. Because there are not the usual hardware limitations of a normal image mixer, you are no longer bound to conventional restrictions such as limited mixing layers in the Cairos-Workflow. The load display of the processing controller provides constant information about the load of the scalable overall system.

The first test production took place in the Innovation Centre in mid-October. Directly at the launch, two parts of Panasonic’s virtual IBC production, the Panasonic L.I.V.E. Series Episode 3+4, were produced in UHD with the new system. In addition to the actual programme and various side streams, Kairos also handled the live playback of the double 4K projection that served as the background.

Together with KST, the Kairos development team is now working intensively on deeper integration and symbiosis with the KST-CamBot.system. In combination, both systems form a strong team in terms of production automation. It is already possible to control the KST robotics portfolio via Kairos. Currently, the deeper integration into the overall workflow presented in the Innovation Center is taking place.


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Kairos represents a very important step towards IP-only workflow and is a highly exciting “future” technology. We as KST appreciate and are happy to be part of this development and are curious how the system will be established in the next years!


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